The Shark Nebula, LDN1235

Located in the constellation Cepheus. This image is composed of 150 one minute exposures, calibrated/stacked in APP and processed in PixInSight. Imaged in my backyard, in Upstate New York, with a Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD, Hyperstar V4 (f2.2 - 516mm focal length), ZWO ASI 294mc-pro and an Astronomik UV/IR filter for star bloat. Image acquisition, guiding and control all via the ZWO ASIair.

Eastern Veil Nebula

The Eastern Veil Nebula, in the constellation Cygnus. I imaged this cloud of heated and ionized gas and dust from an ancient supernova remnants under the bright moon (98% illuminated), so the OIII (blue) is a little washed out.

8 hours of 180 second exposures with the:

ZWO ASI 294mc-Pro
Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD
Starizona Hyperstar
Optolong L-Enhance Filter
Captured and controlled with the ZWO ASIair

Horsehead & Flame Nebula

Horsehead and Flame Nebula without a narrowband filter and just a simple Astronomik UV/IR filter to reduce star bloat. This has more natural star colors and I will have to combine this data with the narrowband data. Just one hour of 60 second exposed images. Imaged with the Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD, Hyperstar at F2.2/515mm focal length, ZWO ASI294mc-pro camera, and the ASIair for acquisition and control. Calibrated and stacked in APP and processed in PixInSight