Cygnus Wall

The Cygnus Wall, a star forming region in NGC7000 And the constellation Cygnus. I took the ZWO ASI2600mc-pro OSC camera off to do some narrowband imaging with the ZWO ASI1600mc-pro monochrome camera.


Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD 0.7x reducer

Celestron CGEM DX mounted on a SkyShed Pier imaged from the SkyShed POD

ZWO ASI1600mc-pro Imaging Camera

ZWO 2nd Generation 7nm Hydrogen Alpha filter and OIII filter

Celestron OAG with ASI174mm guide camera

ZWO ASIair Pro for image acquisition and gear control.

Image Specs:

50 x 300 second exposures Gain 139 - Ha

50 x 300 second exposures Gain 139 - OIII

Camera sensor cooled to -0°C

Calibrated (with darks, flats, dark flats) and stacked in Astro Pixel Processor

Post processed in PixInSight

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