Lunar Imaging

Lunar Imaging March 22, 2021

I was imaging Needle Galaxy for the past three nights, but the moon was getting too bright in the sky and was washing out the fine details in the galaxy. I decided to slew the scope to the moon and start lunar imaging. I took full lunar disk images using the ZWO ASI2600mc-pro with the 9.25” EdgeHD SCT at F7. I was using the ASIair Pro to control my gear. I then switched to video mode and imaged closer detail. The seeing was terrific with a high pressure overhead. The seeing was stable and I could really see the fine detail of the moon’s craters.

Above are the final processed images and below is my setup in my SkyShed POD, and unprocessed screenshots off my iPhone using the ASIair app. I stacked the images using Autostakkert and processed the lunar images in PixInSight.

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