ZWO Duo-Band Filter

The new ZWO Duo-Band filter. Last night, I had the filter out for first light and shot the Heart Nebula and Horsehead Nebula. I figured the heart would be a good trial to see how it captured detail and the Horsehead nebula would show how it performed with the bright star, Alnitak. I used the ZWO Duo-Band filter with my ASI294mc-pro. It complemented the 294 nicely and is a great filter for the OSC cameras and I found it to be comparable to the Optolong L-Enhance filter. Both the Heart and Horsehead images are each one hour worth of integration with 180 second exposures, with the gain set at 200. Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD, Hyperstar, and the ASIair for control and acquisition. I calibrated, stacked the lights with darks and flats in APP. I then lightly processed the images in PixInSight.

The cost of this filter is $99 for the 1.25” version and $179 for the 2” version.

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