Solar Imaging

Here is a collection of solar images I captured from my backyard using various Hydrogen Alpha, White Light, and Calcium K filters.  My big solar setup is a Lunt LS152 Double Stacked solar scope.  I also use a Daystar Quark - Chromosphere.

Lunt LS60 DS PT FT
My son manning the solar scopes.
Lunt LS152 DS
Backyard Solar Scopes
Coronal Loop in Ha
ISS solar transit
First bite Solar Eclipse
Active region and a prominence
Sun Spots and Active Region
Full Disk in Calcium K
Sunspots in White Light
Filament and an Active Region
Sunspot in Ha
Full Disk Ca-K
Active region at higher resolution
Inverted Ha image
Sunspot and Active Region
Long Filament
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