ARP1, (galaxy upper right) also known as NGC2857, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major (The Big Dipper). ARP1 is a small faint galaxy at magnitude 12 and is approximately 200 million light years away from Earth. Looking to the left are two more spiral galaxies, NGC2856 and NGC2854. NGC2856 and NGC2854 are magnitude 13, and are approximately 100 million light years away from Earth.

I used the ASIair Pro which was spot on with the auto focus and I had excellent guiding using the multi-star guiding with the OAG.

Image Details:

Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD with a .7x reducer at 1645mm focal length.

Celestron CGEM DX mount on a SkyShed Pier in a SkyShed POD

ZWO ASI2600mc-pro Imaging Camera

Astronomik UV/IR Filter

Celestron OAG with a ZWO ASI174mm Guide Camera

ZWO ASIair Pro for image acquisition and gear control.

Image Specs:

50 x 300 second exposed images at Gain 100

Camera sensor cooled to -20°C

Calibrated (with darks, flats, dark flats) and stacked in Astro Pixel Processor and post processed in PixInSight.

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