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Messier 13

The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules

Messier 13, The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules. This globular star cluster contains several hundred thousand stars packed in an area estimated to have a diameter of 145 light years. The globular cluster is approximately 25,000 light years from earth. There are an estimated 150 globular star clusters in our Milky Way galaxy.

M13 is easy to find with just a pair of binoculars in the armpit of Hercules. With the 9.25” SCT, this globular cluster is a spectacular sight.


Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD

Starizona Hyperstar V4 f2.2

Celestron CGEM DX mount

ZWO ASI2600mc-pro Imaging Camera

ZWO ASI224mc Guide Camera

Svbony 60mm Guidescope 

ZWO ASIair Pro for image acquisition and gear control.

Image Specs:

100 x 180 second exposures

Gain 100

Camera sensor cooled to -10°C

No filters used as the ASI2600mc-pro has the built in IR cut window.

Calibrated (with darks, flats, dark flats) and stacked in APP

Post processed in PixInSight

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