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This morning, I tested the ZWO ASIair Pro’s new video feature with the Lunt Solar Scopes. It was too windy to drag the Lunt 152 out, but the tests all went well on the Lunt Engineering 80 with the CaK module and the LS60 DS Hydrogen Alpha scope. This is going to be revolutionary for outreach and sharing the sun wirelessly on your phone or tablet. The FPS at the bottom is not the actual FPS imaging speed. That is the speed at which the phone is viewing and it fluctuates with how far away I am from the ASIair Pro. The actual FPS varied from 11FPS to 75FPS with the ASI174mm and saving to the stock 64GB USB3 stick. With a SSD, this will be higher. The 1080P setting on the side is adjustable and changes the ROI. So technically it has an adjustable ROI. This also helps increase the frame rate. For a comparison to the ASIair, my laptop is 100FPS to 146FPS with the ASI174mm. I don’t think this is too bad of a frame rate and it sure is nice being wireless and not having the laptop out by the scopes. The Ca-K image was captured today, August 5, 2020 at 1307hrs UTC and the Ha image was captured at 1335hrs UTC.

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