Sun Calcium K AR12781

Solar imaging this morning from the SkyShed POD with my son with the Lunt 80mm, Calcium K filter and the 60mm Hydrogen Alpha scope. The active region looks awesome in Ca-K light. My son is learning how to stack and process the images. 🌞🔭😎

Active Region (AR) 12781 consisting of many Sunspots. This view is in Calcium K which shows the lower chromosphere of the sun. The sunspots observed are actually cool areas that due to the temperature difference, appear darker.

The Calcium K image was captured with the Lunt LE80mm refractor and a Calcium K B1200 module. I used FireCapture to capture 4000 frames with the ZWO ASI174mm, stacked the best 25% in Autostakkert, wavelets adjusted in Registax, and processed in Photoshop.

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