Supernova 2020jfo in M61

SN2020jfo in M61

On the night of May 13th into May 14th 2020, I set up the Celestron 9.25” EdgeHD SCT, with a 0.7x reducer, on the Celestron CGEM DX Mount which was mounted on the SkyShed Pier. While using the ASIair Pro, I slewed to M61 and started taking 3 minute exposures. The wind was gusting 10 to 15 mph, so my guiding was getting thrown off. I was able to image and identify the bright Supernova 2020jfo in the barred spiral galaxy M61. I verified the Supernova by comparing the image to existing images of M61. I captured 3 hours worth of exposures, but due to the wind, I only salvaged 90 minutes of exposures. I was using my ZWO ASI2600mc-pro camera. I calibrated and stacked the images in Astro Pixel Professor and processed the image in PixInSight. While processing the image, I found the Supernova to be a blue color when I boosted the saturation. I annotated the Supernova with Photoshop and annotated the image in

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